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We are open to discussing scientific ideas and collaborating with people from different disciplines and sectors. We also value the voice of the public in our work, please write to us if you want to be engaged or collaborate. 

You can also contact us by filling this contact form:

We are open to:

  • Research collaborations, e.g., if you are chemists having interesting nanoporous materials or can offer complementary expertise from any other disciplines, please get in touch!

  • Industrial collaborations, e.g., we have strong expertise in mechanical testing and material characterisation with our outstanding Facilities.

  • Public engagement, e.g., we are happy to offer student placement, public talks, workshops, and exhibitions.

  • Expert contribution to media.

  • Consultancies.

  • Any other areas that are relevant to our research, expertise, or impact of our work.


Thanks for getting in touch!

Please find us at:

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