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Public Engagement: In2ScienceUK “Host of the Week”

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Through the In2ScienceUK pogramme, we hosted Stephanie, a year-12 student, for a one-week placement in our group, and we are awarded "Host of the Week".

It was a pleasure to host Stephanie in our group. During the week, we included her in all our discussions on research ideas and technical solutions so that she not only knows what it is like to be a scientist or work in STEM but also experiences our research culture: open, supportive, engaging, and fun! We were glad to hear that from this placement she gained more confidence in pursuing STEM for her future.

"Our research culture: open, supportive, engaging, and fun!"

It has also been a rewarding experience for us. It is always good to chat about science and engineering with motivated and enthusiastic students and listen to their perspectives and have their contributions to our research. It has also been an enjoyable experience for Hebin and Haixia who offered co-supervision during the week.

To help Stephanie experience a broad spectrum of engineering and facilitate her career choice in the future, we organised one lab visit a day to get her to speak to colleagues in all different areas that she is interested to explore. We got help from a number of colleagues in Birmingham who offered lab visits or interviews, e.g., Automotive (Ji Li), Robotics (Mo Qu), Railway (Osama Olaby, Huayu Duan), Brum Eco Racing (Maninder Singh Dayal and team), Aerospace engineering at Metallurgy and Materials (R Mark Ward, Hugo Williams). Thanks to everyone who contributed to this!

We are awarded the 'Host of the Week' with the following nomination:

"Yueting has given me a lot of help and support. He is very open about his scientific ideas and I really feel that I am immersed in the experience and a part of the team. It is very nice to sit down and openly discuss physics and engineering topics, and he is a great listener!"

If you are a student (at any stage) interested in having a placement in our group or you are an organisation having public engagement opportunities to offer, please feel free to get in touch. We are passionate about transferring knowledge and experience from our research to the broader public, especially to those from underrepresented backgrounds in STEM disciplines. We are doing research across a few disciplines (e.g., engineering, physics, chemistry) so it will be easier for students to make a connection between what they see in our lab and what they have learned in school.


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