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Grant: UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship

Our new project: Nanofluidic energy absorption of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

We are awarded the prestigious UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship (FLF) to work on the nanofluidic energy absorption of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs). UKRI FLF is the most prestigious and long-term research fellowship in the UK for early career researchers and innovators to tackle ambitious and challenging research and innovation and to develop their careers. The fellowship is usually four years (>£1M) and can be extended for a further three years.

MOFs are sponge-like materials offering extremely small pores that are comparable to the size of water molecules, squeezing liquid water into these tiny nanopores can create large solid-liquid interfaces and dissipate huge amounts of mechanical energy. The fellowship aims to understand how liquid molecules transport inside these nanoporous materials under mechanical pressure and use such knowledge to develop future energy absorption materials and protection systems that are more efficient, controllable, and reusable. The fellowship combines chemistry and engineering and will enable us to establish the emerging field.

Huge thanks to all wonderful project partners, advisors, mentors, and colleauges supporting us, including Omar Yaghi, Veronique Van Speybroeck & Sven MJ Rogge, Timothy Easun, Daniel Eakins, Stuart James, Ken Suslick, Rohit Karnit, Stephen Moggach, Ciaran Simms, Hamish Yeung, Yulong Ding, Graham J Davies, Duc Pham, and many others across Birmingham and international, as well as our industrial partners QinetiQ, Johnson Matthey, CAERI.



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