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Publication: High-rate Nanofluidic Energy Absorption

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Our latest work on high-rate nanofluidic energy absorption is published in Nature Materials and selected as the Front Cover.

(Design: Ella Maru Studio and Thomas Phillips)

In this work, we found that the pressurised water intrusion into hydrophobic nanoporous materials with nanocages (e.g., ZIF-8, ZIF-71) can give rise to a reusable shock absorber with a much greater energy absorption when subjected to a high-speed mechanical impact compared to a static compression.

(Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar at Oxford's High Strain Rate Group)

Simulations by our collaborators at the Centre for Molecular Modelling at Ghent University demonstrated that this rate-dependent phenomenon is related to the time scale of water clustering inside the hydrophobic nanocages.

(Video courtesy of the Center for Molecular Modeling, Ghent University, on Youtube)

This work attracted a large number of media coverage, you may want to check out some of the following: Press Release, IOM3, Chemistry World, Physics World, The Science Times, AZO Materials,, and Sven's post 'Behind the Paper'.

Thanks to the fantastic collaboration from all the co-authors from Oxford (MMC lab, High Strain Rate Group) and Ghent (Centre for Molecular Modeling)!

Read the paper:

Sun, Y., Rogge, S.M., Lamaire, A., Vandenbrande, S., Wieme, J., Siviour, C.R., Van Speybroeck, V. and Tan, J.C., 2021. High-rate nanofluidic energy absorption in porous zeolitic frameworks. Nature Materials, 20(7), pp.1015-1023.


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